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Strone Pro Crystal Clean Daily Stone Cleaner

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  • The Perfect Daily Cleaner for Polished Stone and Tile Surfaces
  • Removes Dirt and Grime While Protecting Your Stone
  • Neutral Ph Formula Is Ideal for Daily Use
  • Fast Drying No Rinse Formula Leaves No Residue or Water Spots
  • No Scrubbing, No Rinsing, No Streaking

    A unique cleaning formulation designed to clean without leaving water spots. It contains our advanced fluoropolymer protectant. It’s pH neutral formula is safe for any natural stone surface. Crystal Clean is a rinse-less cleaner that evaporates quickly and will not streak or leave water spots. Terrific evaporative action. Best for polished stone. Leaves no streaking. This product works great on: Stone surfaces, stainless steel, windows, mirrors and any hard surface.

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