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  1. Dave The Marble Guy

    David Bonasera’ company ESP is better known as Dave the marble guy. Dave has been working on natural stone including marbles, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, granite and all other types of tiles and natural stones.

    For the past 15 years David has been speaking at the largest natural stone shows in the US. (Surfaces / Stone Expo) and sometimes Coverings. Dave also sits on the Technical committee of the (MIA) Marble institute of America. He also works with his clients on consulting and Expert Whiteness When the other guys don’t finish the job correctly.

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  2. Dave The Tile Guy

    David’s experience and passion for stone has brought him to not only to be a national speaker as a tile and tone consultant. He also is an investigator and volunteer at the Cal State Board of Contractors with the writing of the test for the C-54. (Tile, stone and fabrication areas)

    All of Dave’s field technicians have been with ESP from 5 to 9 years or more. Dave’s tile and stone installations are all guaranteed for a min of 10 years. Currently not many in the industry can even touch that.

    Under the Brands Sales. I will forward the proper logos for the company’s.

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  3. Dave The Grout Guy

    Dave has always said, cleaning, repair, and restoration is easy to do, but not easy to do correctly. Using the right products and correct techniques and proper procedures is what we at ESP are known for. The important thing is getting the right information to the custom or on how to properly maintain it and staying with them during the guaranteed time of warrantee. Since 1987 Dave has been doing stone care, repair, and restoration.

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